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The turbo timer will then be set. This is the second most popular option. Why buy this driver? The C1 cap is in all cases. Equipped with off-time memory, mode changes are intuitive and the light always picks right back up where you left off. At around 3V under load, the light will blink three times then step down the power level. As soon as the light enters programming mode and beings flashing, tap the switch three times.

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Bleeder resistor for lighted tailcaps, varies between ohm optional C1: You want to switch the light off between the first set of blinks, which means that you want to switch the light off after the first blink you see.

If you’d like to learn more about these drivers, and participate in further development, come visit our community fst budgetlightforum. As it stands right now you need the Attiny25 for Bistro and the Attiny85 for Narsil aka, e-switch. It is possible feh reprogram this chip using AVR equipment and software to get not only exactly the number of modes and the light levels you want, but also to program the driver so the light has a programmable UI.

For more about types of drivers, see Driver article. The other are the Attiny version that you want. I find that the single is a great regulated low mode, even for high powered triples.


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The amount of light in EVERY mode will tet as the battery drains, where with the normal driver all modes will be regulated until the battery level drops below the point of regulation. You can override any low voltage shut down by holding down the electronic switch button.

This is the most popular option. The light will shut off at around 5.

This option uses STAR momentary firmware, which allows you to start on either the lowest or highest mode from off with either a short tap or long press of the switch.

Equipped with off-time memory, mode changes are intuitive and the light always picks right back up where you left off. Skip to main content. Info thread for this driver is here: The real key feature is the 3 channels combined with bistro and Narsil firmware to give you nearly endless options when it comes to UI. Seems like the response was 17jm big, 17mk drivers are all reserved till payment received.

Memory can be enabled via the configuraiton mode. Extras Gift Vouchers Specials. Driver with Narsil, can it be used with electronic switch?

Once it starts to flash, you are in configuration mode. So now to the Drivers themselves, they are designed around the parts list from DEL. This is the newest update of the guppydrv series by DrJones, now with more modes than ever and thermal protection!

To set the turbo timer: This momentary switch firmware gives you awesome ramping control, thermal throttling, and a slew of other features.


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The light will then enter the programming mode and begin to flash. A turbo timer may help reduce the chance of overheating.

The board uses a PIC microprocessor and has eight possible mode groups with optional memory of last mode depending on how you solder certain contacts. We design, assemble, and test these drivers in-house in the USA using the best components available for the job.

Help with MTN 17mm FET+ Driver |

Permalink Embed link Download Order Board. With the light in programming mode, tap the switch the same number of times as your desired mode group.

August 31st, Here is a DigiKey shopping cart with the components I usedthere are both better and also cheaper options available if you det to pick out your own, so this is just for reference I like getting a bit tighter tolerance OTC as it can help when things get hot for example. Firmware from this source may be updated from time-to-time and may differ slightly from what you fey on your driver.

Running more current also 71mm means shorter battery life. The Low mode is a very dim firefly mode that some people prefer though they make a 8x version with a little higher Low.