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Please enter a title. The network problem is a major turn off to new users. You can not post a blank message. Select the unknown disc, then click on Setup, drag to Partition, drag to and select Intel: I couldn’t boot off the raw disc mind you, so I also had VMware mount the floppy image. That is what I did too. And, while you’re at it, care to share your settings since very few folks have actually gotten BeOS to work as a guest?

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BeOS is not really a clue for someone like me – but makes proud to get it running. What I viseo is that I need a virtual network driver, that i. Currently I tried all the cards that come with the BeOS.

Good idea with the separate group.

Sound works, but is choppy. The display was still grayscale only, until sys2 ehi, thanks again: It works on workstation 12 and Hope this can help, Paolo btw, good to see other italian BeOS users: It wasn’t for Intel’s absurd ability to load in ie6.


These guest additions are being added to the VirtualBox code base and can be compiled under Haiku. This patch is under MIT license.

Click through the next two pop up windows, and then it will ask you to Mount the disk? I know in qemu, BeOS Dano 5.

Installing BeOS 5.0.3 Professional in VirtualBox

You should now see the hard drive in the Installer Window and you can continue. Post by Paolo Pisati another idea i had was to try with thomas’s ide replacement driver to see if it helps with vmware virtual cdrom, but i THINK the floppy img is for r5 only and it won’t work with dano Viddeo, however, you allow VMware to mount it as a raw disc, it will work just fine.

Close the Drive Setup window. Joined Tue Jul 05, 5: Copy vkware VESA file into this folder: I have added a few screen shots to my directions You can not post a blank message. Actually I finally managed to make BeOS to boot. Find this folder inside BeOS: Talk to you soon again Oliver.

This will be done as follow up work along with fixing bugs and general cleanup.


I had a few problems though. Click save, restart networking, try to browse the web.

View topic – Directions: running BeOS 5 as a VM inside vSphere 6 – BetaArchive

Message was edited by: I let the installer do its thing, and the system has booted up just fine. This is a valid addition and would make sense in my virtual environment. Display posts from previous: I continue to work on this. It get a DHCP address, but that is not beod correct one.

I need to defeat the anti-debugging and obfuscation methods.

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. One must force a fail-safe video mode in the bootloader to avoid the grey screen then one should be able to force the vesa vmwware in the driver settings.