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Fujifilm MX Filter applied. Equivalent to 38 mm on a 35 mm camera. The positioning of the buttons allows for one handed operation, with the exception of accessing the Macro function. A 2MB card comes standard with the camera but is upgradeable, of course. You have control over flash, Macro and Digital Telephoto functions. It seems to work, and the batteries have not yet fallen out.

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Auto, Manual 6 modes.

In our tests, the lens displayed barrel distortion of only 0. Once is reached, the directory number goes up by one. Fujifilm MX Zoom 2. Contact Fujifilm with your question about MX Series. The unit we received, in retail packaging did not include a Caamera cable adapter, although the Picture Shuttle software supports the Mac platform.

MX-1200 User Review

In playback mode, the LCD screen provides reasonably sharp images, but has an added bonus in the form of up to 4x “zoomed” playback. When we started taking pictures though, we were surprised and impressed: The positioning of the buttons allows for one handed operation, with the exception of accessing the Macro function.

Finger grips on the front and back of the camera help keep the camera in your hand and feel comfortable. It takes excellent closeups, which i need for product photos in my store.


FujiFilm MX (Finepix ): Digital Photography Review

It may be inexpensive but it’s a relatively fast camera that only takes about two seconds to save a large, fine mode image. Beautiful silver in color. There is no video out so there won’t be any fancy screen shots as is the norm for my camera reviews. Fujifilm Fujifilm X Series Digital Flash In either Automatic or Manual capture modes, the flash setting menu can be accessed by hitting the Menu button. The camera does a very good job of close focusing when in the macro position and I had no problems shooting things only 4 or so caamera from the lens.

Fuji suggests setting the flash to Suppressed and choosing the desired white balance setting to achieve a particular effect. Playback Mode Gives you the option of viewing recorded images frame by frame or multi frame with a playback digital zoom option.

For sale is a Fujilfim MX digital camera. The battery compartment is easy to open and the old batteries can be removed and replaced quickly, it is a nice, clean design.

Fuji MX-1200 (1999)

In most cameras, this delay allows time for the autofocus and autoexposure systems to do their work. This can be a help or a hindrance, depending on how fast you’re trying to shoot. Use Renew to start images at each time a new SmartMedia card is inserted.


There seems to be a problem completing the request at present. All of the buttons and major controls live on the back panel, except for the Macro control, which is on the side of the camera. When using special lighting or shooting closeups, the Auto white balance setting may not be the most accurate. In turn, white balance offers seven settings to choose from: Fujifilm MX Filter applied. This is handy for subjects with odd lighting people with their sun, etc.

Rocker Toggle Button This four way button is located directly to the left of the Mode Dial, and features up, down, left and right arrows that let you to navigate through menus and activate the Digital Telephoto in Automatic or Manual capture modes.

It’s here and it’s here now, just in time for the holiday famera.

This article is a stub. Automatic mode is marked by a single red camera symbol on diigital dial. Picture Shuttle is simply the vehicle that transfers images from the camera to the computer.