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Worth the price if you ask me. Guy Ps I still don’t know how to use a quote from a previous post in my current post? Is anyone doing it like that? Just me 2 cents……….. No fancy stuff like force feedback or whatsoever.

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FlightGear forum • View topic – Logitech G

I believe from internet reviews that this previously affected the first two main joystick axes more and was “improved” with a firmware update, however it still affects those axes the same in my tests too. The Logitech g package comes with Joystick Dual lever throttle unit Rudder Pedals LinkedTube Buy the Logitech G at Amazon super cheap For those waiting to jump into flight simulation than the g takes all the pain out of sourcing these components separately and of course worrying whether or not the individual parts when connected will play together nicely.

Logitech G Posted on Jan 25, There are a lot of on board switches and buttons on the throttle itself and are in perfect finger distance.

Most joysticks I’ve looked at just seem like plastic toys to me, but these are solid and very realistic I am a pilot by trade. I would like to submit this to Git eventually but the wiki page on joysticks isn’t detailed enough to handle this case.

The Logitech g joystick as mentioned has force feedback. I hope they tweak the software to give the option to ‘tighten up’ the FF deadzone at joystick centre although I don’t feel that this is a show stopper if they don’t.


Which for its price range is the only real force feedback option for the enthusiasts unless you are willing to lay down some heavy cash for a specialist solution.

Actually, i would guess the opposite would be the case, logitrch you would either give too much up or down elevator. I’m still enjoying mine. They’re inverted in the default G layout. The g allays all these fears as both the throttle and rudder have cables that plug into the joystick housing, which then runs ONE single USB cable to your computer.

Both the throttle and rudder pedals have cables that plug into the back of the stick, from which a single USB cable is then plugged into your computer. I have flown flight sims for many years and tested many, many settings to overcome the issues that persisted but to no avail.

The whole setup has exceeded my expectations. Such a kind of comprehensive package is really somewhat missing from the avialable flight sim controllers.

How do you include someone’s quote from a previous post? Please head over to our official Planet Coaster forums by clicking here: The only strange quirk with these analogue trim wheels is that they do not have any center detente.

Logitech Flight System G940

Comparing the Logitecn to the G stick is a no brainer for me. About game User Agreement Privacy Policy. Also I can see that as a general rule, any new joystick files should first control elevator and ailerons with their “main” up-down-left-right controls, then if they have pedals that would naturally control rudder next most importantand so on. Hysteresis, and it does not let me adjust this below My Advice is Hotas Cougar.


If you want to logitedh realistically lift the throttle over the indents than the TM warthog will be more what you are looking for. Sony DualShock 3 Gamepad Why can this not be set to zero, and let the application handle whether it is jitter noise or a real input from the user? A good beginner package that has everything you need to start flying. Can I just ask then: So I need tow release. But I don’t think I’ll clutter this post with all that yet, because there are contradictions and omissions within them.

Logitech G940

logitecn D, it yaws to the right. I know some are only interested in hard core realism for ROF, but I feel for most, the option to be able to make use of elevator trim would be a good addition for the future. I wish they would do the same with the G This item doesn’t belong on this page. How do I install the xlm file llgitech for operating the G controls in Windows 10?