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Run ” clean ” command, and then the disk selected will become an unallocated space, and all data will be deleted. GPT protective partitions can also be in many different electronic devices in order to maximize the size of partitions placed on them. Nytro Leverage flash storage. Thus, so many computer users choose the type of GPT hard drive as their disks regardless of any defects. Seagate makes no representations whatsoever about the content of any of these web sites. Normal Disk Management facilities will not overcome this issue. Click to view larger image Step3:

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Due to MBR can only support up to 2TB partition size, if one day you have a disk which is larger than 2TB, how can you take full use of the disk space?

Nytro Leverage flash storage. Existing account, please login directly Customer Login Reseller Login. My files are stored on the second disk which is a 3TB Toshiba hard drive. The diskpart clean command can help you remove GPT protective partition. Windows is installed on an SSD.

Fast, complete and safe hard drive data recovery software to recover your data in easy steps. Select files and folders you want to recover and right-click selected data to choose “Copy To”.


To prepare this drive, you will need to use the Windows diskpart command-line protecfive. Although it has been widely accepted, this scheme has many shortcomings including partitions being limited to 2TB in size. You may wonder the role of GPT protective partition since it is not frequently used.

However, you will lose your data forever. GPT is usually used on anything over 2TB. Diskpart can delete GPT protective partition. I’ve forgotten my password. It is strongly suggested to back up all significant data on the disk before performing following steps. Posted 14 July – When connecting an internal or external hard drive to Windows XP or newerbit operating system, you may find your drive is inaccessible.

GPT protective partition is not assigned a unique drive letter, which is different from common partitions.

What is a GPT Protective Partition?

This allows MBR-based operating systems to recognize GPT protective partitions in order to prevent them from being overwritten, deleted, or modified. Mail this article Print this article. You just need to follow the instructions and move your finger.

GPT hard disk cannot be accessed in Windows XP A growing number of people want to follow the fashion, not only in field of clothes, but also in field of computer.

How to remove GPT protective partition? Click to view larger image Why does this phenomenon show up? Installing an effective partition manager on computer can save you a lot of time and effort when disk or partition goes wrong.


External hard drive on XP “GPT Protective Partition”

Oartition here to Register a free account now! This article will discuss how to overcome this issue. I will definitely use this product again it will always be highly recommended to my colleagues. Community Forum Software by IP.

Click to view larger image Step3: Breaking Protections in Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallets. Run ” clean ” command, and then the disk selected will become an unallocated space, and all data will be deleted.

How to Access GPT Protective Partition Without Losing Data

I use this drive on several Windows 7 desktops and laptops, on a Windows 10 desktop, and my mother’s Windows 8 laptop. As a result, data becomes inaccessible. Download the partition software to convert without losing data. Seagate references third parties and third party products as an informational service only, it is not an endorsement or recommendation – implied or otherwise – of any of the listed companies.