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Subscribe to Thread Page 47 of 61 First 37 45 46 47 48 49 57 Last. Recent comments Ragnar Schierholz on Wer ist im neuen Jahr dabei? Clue procurement and bullshit detection. Download the ActiveSync 4. Device had simlok before? The BlackBerry will retains all data and setting through the upgrade.

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Verizon Wireless releases the Samsung i –

You will find it. This takes a long time. I didn’t try flash “phone part” from i but if it smaller size than phone part from i and WCEDownloader works you should try repair device with i phone mkdem If you don’t have radio problems don’t use this files!!

I was going to do this but am not sure which method to try to flash my phone Normally, the antenna icon in the top right-hand corner would change to a left and right arrow icon when connected the Internet using the built-in Internet Explorer. Ceci n’est pas un blog I explain difficult concepts in simple ways.

I don’t need the arabic support now but in case i do, would i be able to downgrade? I have a UK i with Orange. That was easy, eh?


I was getting a bit wary of Samsung for not releasing the WM6 update as promised and removing some countries from the download site. B When using the i as a modem, I was unable to see any visual indication on the i’s screen that it was in use.

Recent comments Ragnar Schierholz on Wer ist im neuen Jahr dabei? Phone reboots and continues upgrade 4. I have followed the steps and was able to upgrade my SGH-i to Windows Mobile 6, but after upgrading I am not able to see the Office stuff on my mobile. Peter de Haas, Do the hard reset!

OnePlus 6T mod lets you customize the fingerprint scanner icon [Root] December 26, Eve Light Strip at When I switch back to Active Sync, everything works modsm. Thanks for the information!

WM for Samsung i – Pg. 47 | Non-Touchscreen Windows Mobile

Subscribe to Thread Page 47 of 61 First 37 45 46 47 48 49 57 Last. Clue procurement and bullshit detection.

Everything appeared to install correctly, and the modem shows up in mpdem Phone and Modem control panel, but although the computer thinks there’s a modem there, the modem doesn’t respond! You will lose all data on the device.


I’ve tried unloading and reloading the drivers and the software MANY times The “Standard” version of Windows Mobile 5 and 6 has the benefit that it is small enough to fit all languages into one set of ROMs. Cancel out u600 of the autorun startup app. Moet eers port na EU firmware en dan die WM6 upgrade doen.

WM 6.1 for Samsung i600

For Express Network up to kbps must add a ‘national access’ option to your plan: Follow the instructions below and you can’t go wrong. Wag maar vir installasie om foon te reboot.

Many people bricked their i because they flashed “phone part” from i! I’ve just restarted the phone had to take out the battery and it worked. Go to the service menu on your device: Android Apps and Games.